So mold is your problem is it. Look no further than here for all the direction you need. At the completion of this page you will know all you need to know to tackle the project.

Of course mold is dangerous and extremely difficult to deal with and really requires a professional with the right experience and equipment in order to get rid of it. It is not something to be trifled with.


Mold is usually started by a moisture problem in the house. Maybe a leaky pipe or faucet or a flood that wasn’t properly cleaned up after is what got the problem started. It is typically found in attics (see above), basements, ventilation, or even inside walls. There are lots of reasons the mold could have gotten there.


You need to find someone you are confident can determine the source of the problem as well as fix it and prevent it from happening again if possible. Not just anyone is qualified to perform these complicated tasks. You need a professional that is well qualified. You might also want to know a bit about the different kinds of mold, what typically causes it, how harmful each is, and what is done to get rid of it, all before making a call to a contractor. 


This site offers explanations of all the different types of mold along with both household ways to get rid of it as well as professional ways. It is very informative and should give you all the info you need to get someone in fast to deal with it.