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”I would rather be riding my bike than at home working on a large project. That is why I hire them out to the best contractor.”

If you agree with this famous quote you are far from alone. Most of us, particularly as we age, have had enough of fancy saws and ladders and backbreaking work. Most would rather just find a decent contractor, regardless of the project, and pay a few bucks to get the work done. This frees up a lot of time to enjoy life rather than be toiling and agonizing over some random home project.


But your home, like mine, might be old and in need of a lot of work. Older homes could be in need of paint, insulation, yard maintenance, fence work, or a whole range of items. Most of these you could do yourself but you might tie up days or weeks of precious time working on these yourself just to save a few bucks when you could be out on your bike enjoying a beautiful day. And if the day is terrible you’d rather be inside than toiling over the project.


So where is this headed? My aim is to save you lots of time and effort by offering direction on a variety of different projects, whether indoors or out. I will do this by providing detail and even a few links to supporting sites to get you up to speed quickly on whatever project you are considering. The following pages will offer all you need to better understand the project and to know what questions to ask of the contractor to more quickly narrow down the right one and to increase your odds considerably of getting the desired outcome.


So keep an eye on the site as more and more stuff is added. You will eventually find the exact project you are planning to work on and will have all the answers at your fingertips.


Before moving on there a couple sites I wanted to mention.  As a biker, I love to travel so I explore travel sites all the time. One I particularly enjoy is a travel site developed by a friend, Tom Thorpe.  He has traveled extensively and put together an excellent site detailing his travels, complete with pictures, food reviews, and stories.  Check it out if you get a chance.


Another is a site owned by a good friend I want to give a shout to.  He owns a data center and hosting company.  They host the servers for my business and I think highly of them so want to give them a mention here.


And lastly, as the site name implies I am a Christian and frequently look for sites that are interesting to read related to churches, choirs, and general relative info.  I met a young lady one evening who is involved in an awesome church called KC Revolution.  I spent an hour talking to her and learning about this place.  It was fascinating.  What a really cool church and website.  The site covers not only Biblical things but history, church construction and acoustic functioning.  It is very informative and worthy of a shout out here!